July 24, 2008
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I’d like to preface all that follows as: this is not my idea. Two rather insane and tech savvy imps planted this seed, and, like any good mother-like figure, it is up to me to make sure it grows.

I feel like the parent who has been nagged into getting a puppy. Lured by the hopeful, yet unlikely promises of: “It won’t be any trouble, they are EASY to look after”….Well, sure it is…because I’d like to keep this clean, I won’t call those promises what I believe them to be….a great steaming pile of bovine fecal matter.

With the enthusiastic rallying cry of, “Of COURSE you can do this!!!” against my emphatic refusals, a domain was registered on my behalf, my shoulder patted in a reassuring manner (although it felt a bit like condescension) and here I am. I am not a writer, not a poet, nor terribly coherent at the best of times. So, at this time, I beg your indulgence for all the mistakes, missteps, and mishaps that will happen here. They’ll happen frequently.

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