July 30, 2008
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Ok, so not being a geek has both advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages are that I miss out on the very cool things out there like Blender, Think Geek and some of the geek humour in Userfriendly.org. Not to mention the logistical problems of now being a proud Mommy, albeit unwilling Mommy of a blog.

As easy as it may be, there is so much tweaking that needs to happen on my wee corner of the web. I feel like I’m back in junior highschool again, on the first computer I ever used going, “You want me to make the line move…?” The horror of those days is upon me again. So I turn to the geeks that put me in this place…

Moving On…..

The Pixelatedchic made my site all pretty-like, as any good Pixel Goddess does. I hope the Universe brings her a very beefy Mac for her good behaviour, as I’m sure she could put it through it’s paces. If I could, I would leave a Mac at her lotus feet in appreciation and supplication for her efforts on my behalf, for now, the thought and my appreciation will have to suffice.

Not being technically inclined, I have issues with formatting in word processors…a blog is no different. After I posted my first couple of entries, I noticed things were not laid out as I had planned. As Marvin the Martian would say, “This makes me very ANGRY”. The blog wants to think for me….it is trying to be intuitive….and not quite succeeding because I don’t think like the vast majority of folks out there. This, in my most humble opinion is a perfect example of programmers at their “best”.

I should explain. Outside of email, work related programs, spreadsheet, I.M. or computer game….I am completely useless with computers. I have no patience with them. I don’t care to know more about them….if they stop working, they are environmentally unfriendly doorstops. I believe computers have their place, don’t get me wrong….as I *really* like my laptop.

I have not, in 14 years, been able to master formatting anything aside from a business letter, and even then, I have indestructible templates created by my spouse. When formatting problems arise, I look at my husband and say,
“Fix it please, just make the damn thing look like it is supposed to!” It usually is resolved with half a dozen deft keystrokes, which is REALLY chaps my arse.

So…seeing that I now need “Categories” and bits for my blog roll…I turn to my Husband. As I bat my eyelashes and ask him…yet again…for his tech-spertise, he looks at me and asks, “What am I….your Blog Bitch?”

Precisely :D

That, would be one of the advantages of not being a geek.

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