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August 02, 2008
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I decided to see if I was unusual in my decision to handle epilepsy without a prescription, so I went to a “group support session” to get a better idea of what I should expect. Note, I said *a* group support session.

Moving on….

I encountered, for the vast majority, folks who needed a reason to complain. Misery LOVES Company.

Now, please don’t misunderstand, some of the people there had really great attitudes and those were the people who experienced Grand Mal, or Tonic-clonic, seizures. These individuals really had the lemons-to-lemonade shtick down….I mean, they could have a seizure and pretty much bounce right back to a good mindset, even though you feel like two dozen angry dwarves have beaten you with sledgehammers for a day.

The other type of people I encountered are precisely the people that really annoy me…whiney, woe-is-me, my-life-is-sooooo-hard, pity me and finally, an excuse for everything and anything. One guy (we’ll call him Joe, which is not his real name), who was quite over weight, complained he wasn’t allowed to drive. I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t help myself…I suggested that the walk would do him some good. Joe’s response was, “Well, I MIGHT have a seizure.” I had to ask….”Well, Joe, When was your last seizure?” His response, “EIGHT MONTHS AGO”…as if it was yesterday. “Joe, what type of seizures do you have?” Damn if he didn’t respond like he was wounded in a major battle, “Absence Seizures”.

SIGH – read below, as written in a medical text:

Absence seizures are brief episodes of staring. Another name for them is petit mal. During the seizure, awareness and responsiveness are impaired. People who have them usually don’t realize when they’ve had one. There is no warning before a seizure, and the person is completely alert immediately afterward. Usually less than 10 seconds, but it can be as long as 20.


I really do try to be tolerant of how people cope with the cards they are dealt, but Joe was just too much for me to take. I said, “Joe, trying to compare an Absence seizure to a Tonic-clonic seizure is like comparing a fart to a tornado.” Yes, certainly, all forms of neurological impairments like epilepsy are unfortunate and can be difficult to manage. HOWEVER…when you make yourself a victim, that funny tee shirt with the red and white bullseye becomes custom fit to you, and it’s tough to get off.

The best thing to be done in these situations, is for me to leave, and leave I did…with many shocked faces behind me. You know…my husband often stares off for more than 20 seconds…should we shove him in an M.R.I. machine?