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August 03, 2008
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So… I was fired by my neurologist for being a “difficult patient”, I alienated a whole group of people because I refused to pander to the would-be-victims.

:D I feel GREAT

Epilepsy has made me become more aware of the things I *must* do in order to take care of myself. This means I can power nap with impunity, I am so loving that! I choose to view this glitch in my very active, electric brain as a wake up call for what is truly important. I no longer burn the candle at both ends, breaking my back to accommodate people that do not appreciate the effort. It is amazing to me that I would find epilepsy liberating rather than a set of mental handcuffs.

The only drawbacks that I can see at this point are: how people react when I tell them I am epileptic; when the seizures actually hit me; and not being able to take a long tub bath without supervision.

My Mom, bless her…cannot refer to my seizures as seizures. To her they are “thingies”. I find this incredibly funny coming from a former medical professional. Perhaps it is because I am her daughter and she can’t bear the thought of me having this “condition of thingies”. Regardless, she has been supportive of my choice to handle my epilepsy without meds, despite her being terrified I will have a “thingie” at the top of our stairs and fall to my death. My Dad simply chooses not to mention or talk about it. I suspect that is as a result of being raised in a British household, where these “thingies” are not discussed. My friends, husband, and daughter just take it as it comes…like I do.

When it comes to supervised bath time, I get grumpy. I mean, what am I…two years old?? Intellectually, I understand why this is necessary…but it still pisses me off. I twitch once and immediately I am asked if I’m having a seizure. To be fair, I can’t complain too much…but I still reply with, “No, not having a seizure…just thought I’d have a nap.” Good thing my husband has a sense of humour, or I’d be doomed. I won’t say something like to my daughter because she would rip a strip off of me a mile wide for being irresponsible. Kids these days.

We have found a pattern to my seizure activity. This is a good thing as it allows me to be more cautious with myself when I need to be.

Recently…as in August 2nd, I missed out on a very important birthday party as a result of the seizure cycle. My going to the party would have caused a bit of upset for the birthday girl, as I would have had a seizure while in attendance, and that really is not cool. She shouldn’t have to worry about me on her birthday…especially with all the pole dancing going on. I suggested to her we could play a game on the balcony of “Pin the Dilantin on the Epileptic.” While I found that *really* funny, it meant I’d have to pony up some dilantin…which I don’t have…damn.

So, while I may miss out on some things, I win too.

Humour coupled with the support of my dear ones has really made this electric-lemon-thingie a great gag for all of us to enjoy, me most of all. I’ll be enjoying comments, said with deep affection of, “twitchy bitch/witch”. This simply reinforces my thought that the Universe does have a sense of humour, and it is up to us to see if we get the joke.