August 28, 2008
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An actual add taken from Kijiji:

Wanted: Couple stuck paying for their wedding themselves – Need advice!!

Street address: 575 queens Avenue, London, Ontario, N6B 1Y9 View map
Location: London, Ontario
Date Listed: 12-Aug-08

We both work full time and we are getting married in October of 2009.

Our problem begins with both sides having parents who barely make enough to survive day to day let alone help pay for a wedding of any size.

We want to keep our budget as low as possible since every cent comes from our pockets.

We have already had to cut our catering down from 100 people to 40-50 to keep the major expense down to around $5k

I need ideas of how to cut costs and still give my girl the wedding of her dreams. I could also use stag and doe game ideas that helped make a lot of money etc.

If any millionaires are reading this and want to perform a good deed of the year, please feel free to contact us as well. If you can donate any services, catering, limo’s, dresses, suits, decorations, trip for the honeymoon, anything the wedding requires, I would be extremely appreciative. I know it seems a lot to ask for but my Fiance Lacy deserves anything I can do to help make her dream a reality.

You can email me at or
or call me at 519-601-0933 after 5pm.

I was astounded when my husband read this aloud to me. I have got to tell you, I am still shaking my head, so this entry is for you, Mr.Boyle.

Dear Mr.Boyle,

Please allow me to commend you on your asinine Kijiji ad posting. Not only are you greedy, lazy, selfish and entitled…you are stupid. Who uses their email address from work to beg for money for an event that most responsible adults pay for themselves. Your lack of shame is disgusting, and I sincerely hope people make use of your email addresses to tell you so.

I choose not to do this privately because the sheer scope of your greed and stupidity demand a much larger audience. If you would like to give Lacy her dream wedding, I have a suggestion….wait, and save up on your own or budget better. If Lacy is the understanding sort of woman her name suggests, she’ll help you out…I’m sure. This is your wedding, be a man and spend your own damn money, instead of snivelling with your cap outstretched and spending other people’s money on an event that only has to do with the two of you!

How dare you expose your family and your future wife’s family to this kind of public humiliation? I am a married person, who paid for their own wedding…and you disgust me. My husband asked if I would either blank out or change your phone numbers and email addresses, and I said NO! The reason for this is you have decided to post this information on a free public forum, and in my opinion, have opened yourself to my wrath. The entitlement you so freely display for people to see is truly frightening.

The fact is…most parents no longer pay for their children’s weddings. That is an outdated thought process that really has no place in today’s society. Regardless, you should not be expecting a damn thing from anyone with respect to the event you have planned….aside from the caterers doing the job they have been paid to do.

What comes next, Mr.Boyle? After good people you don’t know, pay for your wedding are you going to ask for a car? What happens when you have a child…are you going to ask the same people to pay for the baby you brought into the world? You are seriously and woefully unprepared for the real world, and I strongly urge you to rethink your position in life, and stop feeling so damn entitled to what everyone earns…and earn your own way….Dumbass.

Warmest wishes on your forthcoming nuptials and the soul searching that should precede the blessed event.

-All of us at Ruthless Compassion

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  1. Da Hubban Says:

    I wonder if “Lacy” knew about this ad before it was posted? And if she found out *after* it was posted, I wonder if she blew a gasket.

    Hmmm, maybe they could be like that guy that auctioned off his forehead, or the other guy who auctioned off his back to advertisers. Instead of getting permanently tattooed, they could wear advertising patches on their wedding clothes, and the bridal party could, too. Kind of like a NASCAR driver and pit crew.

    [excited announcer voice]This wedding is sponsored by Schlock, the worst of beers, and by Bitchum, the anti-PMS deoderant. Stay tuned after the break for the nuptials. The bride’s garter is sponsored by Chastity drive belts, for the tightest fit with no squealing.[end excited announcer voice]

    I wonder if they’ll have a dress cam for the garter removal? Sheesh!

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