September 02, 2008
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It has been a very interesting summer, to say the least. Filled with laughter and the seemingly constant and endless cry of “ROAD TRIP!” My funny wee family has had a great time, and so have I.

I have learned so much in the process. I’ve learned that with the right person, clothes shopping can be a blast…even if I do wind up looking like a busty milkmaid. I’ve learned that there is a seemless transition between being friends and being family, when it is the right fit. I’ve learned to shut my mouth when I don’t have the right words. I’ve learned that my best friend is a Domme.

I think reconciling myself with the concept of fun clothes shopping was harder than reconciling myself with my girlfiends sideline activities as a Domme. Funny how my mind works, isn’t it?

One day, Suni and I were sitting in her kitchen, and she looked at me…hard. She said, “I have something to tell you and show you, come to my office.” Luckily, her office is a spare room in her house, so it was a short trip to the basement. As she sat down in her chair, she sighed and took a deep breath. I’ll admit, I was worried about what she was about to tell me. All sorts of doomsday scenarios ran through my head. Suni leaned forward and said, “I am a Domme online.”

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I was not shocked or offended…I was relieved. My dear friend was healthy and ok…I could breathe again. Then, I started asking all sorts of questions…the how’s, why’s and wherefore’s. With a look of amusement and relief, Suni patiently answered my questions. I felt like a kid with all these questions, and my interest was very genuine. Suni wanted to tell me herself…because I pick up on bits and pieces that most people miss and I would have figured it out, or put enough together to feel as if Suni couldn’t trust me with this part of her life.

Instead of feeling repulsed, as some would…I feel blessed. I am trusted deeply by my one of my friends…my best friend…with something that could damage her credibility in the world. Now…you could ask why I am posting this on a blog of all places. Well, sharing my feelings, thoughts and experiences is what this blog is about. Suni has complete control over this post, and if she decides that it will never see the light of day, then it won’t.

Suni is not harming anyone in her pursuits, so she has my full support. The people that seek her out are NOT freaks, they have their own needs, and Suni fulfills them. Between consenting adults, where is the issue? Forgive me, I forgot…North America…only the missionary position is acceptable here.

Further to the above…if you don’t like what I’m writing or my thoughts on the matter, kindly piss off, I don’t want you here. No one is forcing you to read this (unless this is a school assignment), and while I will welcome any reader…you need to have an open mind, because this is just the beginning of Ruthless Compassion finding it’s feet.

I believe that tolerance must lead the way if we are to succeed as a global community. My friends are a motley bunch that do not inflict malicious or intentional hurt. The world could use more friends like mine. They are from all walks of life, all religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations and are TOLERANT. More people have been murdered as a result of intolerance than any other emotional response. It does not matter if you agree with someones politics, sexuality, lifestyle choice, religion, culture, or the job they do…be tolerant of the differences that make us a beautiful and diverse global community.

While the biggoted, intolerant folks wander around with their heads up their butts, spreading hate and poison…I will continue to enjoy my friends, in all their diverse glory and I will continue to write about them as they allow.

I will still proudly proclaim, My Best Friend is a Domme.

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  1. Da Hubban Says:

    One truly needs a flexible mind to survive in this world. With all of the changes in technology bringing everything closer, we can no longer afford to think “My way is the right and only way.” We have to be flexible enough to say, “This is what I’m used to, but let’s see what you’re doing. Is it right for me? I don’t know, but I will *think about it*.”

    Ooo, *thinking*, not knee-jerk-reacting. Getting difficult to find people who *think* anymore.

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