September 07, 2008
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I decided to go see one of my favourite retailers.

I was running low on incense, candles and a bit of laughter. I needed a trip to The Mystic Bookshop, more for my heart, rather that the sundries that my cabinet was low on.

Greeted by the usual smiling, tongue in cheek, “Not YOU trouble-makers again!” I set about catching up on my shopping and the news of the summer. Surrounded by boxes that I just itched to peek in and the gentle sense of chaos…I felt my happy meter topping up, as it always does when I cross the threshold. It had been far to long since I had come in.

As ever, I felt a tug at my attention from all directions. The glittering stones and jewelry, rows of books, jars of incense, candles of all shapes, sizes and colours…and of course, the Mistress of the Shop. I could gleefully spend a day or six tucked into the embrace of this oasis. While gathering my incense and conversing over my shoulder, it came out. “I’ve started a blog, but it’s not my fault.” In all good nature and humour, Jodi looked at me and said, “What?…A pencil and diary not good enough for you?” If this question had come from anyone else it might have stung. This astute lady had hit the nail on the head. I have asked myself this question over and over in the last few weeks.

Why would a private person like myself sit down and write for other people to read…especially about my life, which by all accounts is rather mundane. I stumbled over my response, because I still had not answered the question to my own satisfaction either. Sure, I have a few years of life experience under my belt, some obstacles here and there, many remarkable people in my life, and perhaps a bit of wisdom to impart…and most certainly a large degree of caustic commentary for the folks that trigger my intolerant responses…but no answer as to why I now have a blog. I certainly was not going to retreat to the cowardly pat answer of, “I was bullied into it” because Jodi would have called me out on that so fast my head would have looked like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Instead, I opted for honesty…”I really don’t know why.”

As I continued to stutter my way through probable rationalizations, I realized that, I use this space as being my place to vent, share and question. I usually wind up questioning myself and my reactions or responses, therapy by typing, I suppose. How many of us would open our diaries or journals to anyone who would like to read it? Do I expect to gain an audience…heck no…I don’t have that kind of ego. Do I hope someone will take away a different perspective on things, perhaps. With luck, people will take a moment to laugh with me.

So, in the end…Jodi gave me a great deal to question about me and my motivations…as only she can do. She truly is a purveyor of fine goods, not the tarot, candles or incense but the really important stuff like laughter, questions and wisdom shared.

If you should come across her shop, please don’t dismiss it as another New Age store. Step over the threshold with an open mind and prepare to enjoy yourself.

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  1. Da Hubban Says:

    It’s always a pleasure to visit with Jodi. The atmosphere of the store is welcome and inviting, and the items found within are sure to please. You never know what you’ll find there, somedays.

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