September 11, 2008
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Seven years have passed…seven years for us to show we can sustain compassion and understanding.

We failed…utterly and completely.

This day, seven years ago…was any other day. We woke up, we got ready for the day, we went to work, we took our kids to daycare or school…later…we watched in horror as the mornings events unfolded. We all sat huddled in shock and dismay as we watched the Twin Towers fall, speechless with tears running down our faces…only to hear that more devastation was upon us.

We rallied and consoled…we gave more than we had, we held hands of strangers, rushed to do what ever we could, we flew joint flags proclaiming “We are with you”, we condemned, we watched the same images over and over again until they were imprinted on our eyelids, so that was all we saw when we closed our eyes to sleep. We rushed to gather our loved ones together, to know that they were safe…and that we were together.

All the petty frustrations were set aside, our kids were hugged more, we loved more freely, we fought less, we waited for someone to explain all of the days events to us…so that we could feel safe once more.

Seven years later, I sit in bed, sick with the flu wondering how we could miss the opportunity to do so much more than we actually did. We cried out for blood…and we got it…just not the blood of the people that perpetrated the attacks. The problem with declaring a War on Terrorism is that all the innocent people that had bugger all to do with the acts of an extremist group are missing family members, limbs and homes. What has this war accomplished?

It saddens me to know that seven years later, most people have reverted to the same selfish lives. Few people embraced the opportunity for meaningful change in the way they lived. The compassion and understanding that was shown for a six month window of time didn’t last. I really wish it had lasted for others the way it has for my wee family of three.

Tonight, as I light a candle for those who have passed (no I’m not catholic…I maintain the ability to reason) and contemplate the last 7 years…I will be thankful for the good changes that have happened, and remain hopeful for what is yet to come.

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