September 17, 2008
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I like online games.

There are some that are all consuming. Live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, worldwide. The most enjoyable one that I have ever encountered is OGame. OGame is a text-based, resource-management and space-war themed online browser game with over two million accounts, which should be called OCrack. It is 100 % addictive, and pretty darn fun.

My husband, bless him, introduced me to OGame in 2006. I was taken in by the colourful graphics and my husband’s planets. I was enraptured by the fact that you could build jump-gates and a Deathstar! How cool is that when you are one of the kids that sat wide-eyed through Star Wars!? I’ll admit, I was really coveting my spouse’s account…to the point that I managed it for him and built it up to a respectable size.

I decided to take the plunge and get my own account. As I sit here now, OGame-free for a little over a year, I am forced to ask myself one very important question: If I knew then what I know now, would I have played the game? The only answer that readily springs to mind is… absolutely.

For me, OGame wasn’t just about the game play and strategy…it was about diplomacy. I met some truly outstanding people, some exceptionally crazy people, and some real assholes. Much like my day-to-day life, but on an international scale. I decided I liked to trade resources with other players, and met some really great people, some of whom I stay in touch with to this day. In an international community like OGame, it was quite lovely to meet up with other Canadians and have a wee slice of home in the cold outer reaches of space.

What prompts me to post this piece of the past is stumbling across some old emails from the former alliance leader of D.O.A., whom I had met in my trading endeavours. He was a good soul, and I find myself wondering what has happened to him in the last couple years. He became a family member that lived in another country. We laughed, cried, consoled, and played together. He is one of those folks I miss.

When I left OGame, I was spent. I was tired of the idea that you could not just be in the game. I just wanted to trade, not go into battle every other day. Why try to take something when I’ll offer it to you? Points and profit, they told me…don’t let it get to you. When some of the most honourable players started leaving, I took that as my cue to leave as well.

My second to last day, a crazy Romanian (whom I traded with in-game) MSN’d me to ask if I was logged in to OGame. That was a silly question, of course. I let him know I was and he said….”don’t freak out, just watch” and sure enough, the bugger had his first Deathstar! It was set to attack me…I could have peed myself, I was laughing so hard. He messaged me in-game and said that without trading with me, it would have taken him much longer to accomplish his goals. He felt it was fitting I have a proper send-off. That felt really good.

So, another file in my file cabinet closes softly. I don’t think I’ll weed this one out just yet. To the D.O.A. boys that may still be playing (even if you’re not)…I miss you. Toombs, thank you for all your help, especially looking out for FrogLegs. You are still her hero, especially for the headshots you provided on a pretty regular basis. The crazy Romanian boys, my heartfelt thanks for sending me off in style and sharing all your tips. Dizzy and Raz, the insane Canadians…big hugs, now come and collect them!

OGame is not just for points and profit, not war and spaceships…

I took away friendships.

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