September 20, 2008
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I’m not sure how to feel about social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. About 7 months ago I came across the Megan Meier story, and my heart broke.

Today while reviewing the daily news, I came across an update on Megan’s story. No parent should ever outlive their child, it’s unnatural and goes against the flow of nature. No 13 year old girl should ever feel that she is so inconsequential to the world that she takes her own life.

I looked at Megan’s picture and immediately saw her obvious beauty. Certainly, most 13 year old girls feel awkward and uncomfortable, it’s part of being a 13 year old, but Megan’s sparkling eyes and brilliant smile showed none of that discomfort…but then again, looks can be deceptive. The downside of being 13 is the mood swings, one week you are best friends with someone, and the next week you are mortal enemies. This was pretty standard stuff when I was 13…but then we didn’t have to worry about people cyber-bullying us either.

What I find appalling about Megan’s story is that Lori Drew, her daughter and Ashley Grills apparently created a fake boy by the name of Josh Evans in order to find out if Megan was spreading rumours about Lori Drew’s daughter at school. I am horrified by Lori Drew’s alleged behaviour. She is a mother and an adult, and while those facts do not equal a caring and compassionate individual, she should have damn well known better. I can only hope that justice is served.

As a parent, I take steps every day to ensure my daughter is strong, caring, and sensitive to those around her without being a doormat. I also watch for signs of bullying, and should they manifest, I address them head on with the powers that be, and the perpetrator. Fortunately, I have only had to do this once.

Ashley Grills, in my opinion, should be facing the harshest penalty as she was the one who typed in the phrase, “the world would be a better place without you.” Ashley went on to ABC and pimped out her side of the story, saying that she felt guilty and sorta responsible for Megan’s suicide. The reality is, in exchange for immunity from prosecution, she served up two other people on a silver platter. A classic example of she said/she said.

Ashley could have stopped this at any point by stepping up and being responsible. When she had decided to end this nightmare she had helped to create, Ashley could have gone directly to Megan…face to face…and accepted her part in this pointless, sad and demented tale. Who knows what might have happened then? Ashley is now receiving her dose of Karma. People are unleashing the very same cruelty on her that she took to Megan. It is impossible for me to find the smallest shred of pity for Ashley’s current circumstance, you reap what you sow.

A final thought to Megan’s parents…

I mourn your loss, I truly do. As a parent I understand the the profound way that your life has changed and the gaping, ragged hole that is left inside you. This pain will never go away, and for that I feel an immeasurable amount of despair. I could point a judgemental finger and say that you failed in parenting, that you let your teen-aged daughter have too much freedom in an on-line community that is not safe for anyone. I won’t sit in the judgement chair and point that finger, because you have already paid the ultimate price.

I wish I had the words to express how profoundly confusing I find peoples actions, especially when it comes to cruelty. As ever, I am left wondering…

What the hell were you thinking?

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