September 25, 2008
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I am furious.

Sarah Palin and her cronies have pissed me off one too many times for me to continue to be silent. This woman so proudly displays her ignorance and lack of understanding far too much and with far too much arrogance. I will not sit quietly by while this ignoramus, hockey mom, pitbull with lipstick (I apologise to pitbulls) besmirches a gentle path of faith to gain popularity points with the good people of Alaska.

While looking at the day’s events on a news site, I see this gun toting, anti-choice, homophobic, uninformed twit receiving a blessing…for protection against witchcraft of all things…what a moron.

It must be terrible to live in fear like dear Sarah does. Oddly enough, I’m not being sarcastic. To live in fear of witchcraft is simply bewildering to me. There is one basic tenant that all proper witches live by: Do What You Will, And Harm None. One pretty clear and uncomplicated rule…even easier to remember than the 10 Commandments. As we have seen illustrated by the most visible Christians, time and time again…it would seem that 10 rules are just too darn much for them to remember.

I do not consider witchcraft a religion, I consider it a way of life. A natural path that encourages harmony and growth within your self and with the world around you.While I write this, I can feel my despair over the popular misconceptions and fears creep in and nip at my toes. Yet, I rejoice in the fact that I do not live in the United States, and by extension…I am not judged as an American…and I do not live as fearfully as the average American.

I wish that people like Sarah Palin would take time to become properly educated on all types of faith. I am not, for one moment, suggesting she abandon her faith. I am suggesting she abandon her fear and really look at what witchcraft is…truly is…not what is advertised. I should not hold out much hope though, as that would require dear Sarah to listen, hear and think. To live in fear is to allow it to control you, and as we all know, fear clouds perceptions and makes it impossible to think clearly.

Folks like me, that are proudly different from the conventional norm have a unique perspective on Karma. We know that if we send bad, nasty, vile and down-right inconsiderate energy out to harm someone, it’s going to leave really big teeth marks in our rear-ends. I like my rear-end, and would prefer not to loose any of the padding I have because I failed to control my temper. I would not want to fail myself in that way…I would not disrespect my faith in that way.

I am not perfect…and I really hope I never become so, it would be pretty dull. However, I can say I am furious without whipping out my voodoo doll and jabbing pins in it. I will not be cackling over my cauldron beneath the crescent moon tonight.

I have no desire to bring harm to any soul.

For dear Sarah tonight, I have a wish (well, more than one actually)…I wish her the courage to throw off the shackles of fear, so that she may embrace all people regardless of what they believe. I wish her to have health and happiness…I wish for her son to come home from his tour of duty unscathed, both physically and emotionally.

I wish…that we could all just play nice in the sandbox together.

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