September 29, 2008

This post is for the ladies of The View.


Let me preface what I am about to write by saying I very much enjoy your thoughts and opinions. Lively debate is very much a part of my home, which makes you welcome addition.

Recently, I was looking at The View clips offered by and came across the commentary about Sarah Palin’s “blessing against witchcraft”. Normally, I cross the street to avoid conversations like this, but the opinions expressed by Sherri (whom I generally enjoy) and Elizabeth (whom I generally do not enjoy) made me shake my head.

“Evil witchcraft”, said Sherri and Elizabeth. Brandishing their verbal pitchforks.


Ladies, you need to study history and get educated.

The wise woman in the village that knew how to ease illnesses by the use of plants or simples, was often times considered a “witch”. She worshipped in balance, the Goddess and the God. She never harvested more than she needed and always left an offering. She rarely turned an ill person away, always willing to offer whatever help she had at her disposal.


She was the first to be persecuted when a genetic mutation occurred in the barn yard, or crops failed to thrive. Despite all the aid and comfort that she gave to those around her, she was the one stoned, burned, drowned or otherwise harmed.

You know what happened next? The good people of the village that dispatched the “evil witch” got sick, and there was no one there to help them. As mothers, fathers, and children died…the evil witch was still blamed.

What continues to amaze me is that the good people of the village never learned or realized that they killed their best hope for survival. For what…fear?

Powerful stuff, fear. It can make the most reasonable person do very foolish things. Unfortunately, by saying something as fearful and foolish as “evil witchcraft”, you are merely displaying how little you actually know, and by extension how foolish you look to those that live the path.

Witchcraft, Wise-craft, Wicca or whatever name a person chooses to apply to the faith they hold in this realm, it does not change one fundamental and morally binding rule…Do as you will, And harm none. Seems to me this is far simpler and more difficult all at once, because as a practitioner….you must answer to yourself first and foremost. If a person is truly honest, they can live in such a way that they bring no intentional harm to another person. The beauty of this way of living is anyone can do it…anyone. You can be Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Islamic, Buddhist, Agnostic, or any of a hundred recognised religions or faiths. Think of all the wars that could be avoided!

However, to disrespect a choice of faith based on the belief that yours is the only correct one is not only self limiting, but, in my humble opinion, arrogant. I recognise, realize and embrace that what works for you, doesn’t work for me, but I will not call what you believe evil simply because I may not understand it or have no actual knowledge of the rituals you practice. I simply cannot fear someone’s spirituality, even if I may not agree with it.

Simply put:

I cannot say your path to your higher power is wrong, nor would I…I don’t have that right. Just as you have no right to say the same of my path. Whether you agree with my path or not, you simply do not have that divine right…period.

For Joy and Whoopie…Thank You!!! Whoopie, your insight is always highly enjoyable. Your articulate, flexible mind challenges me to think and view a situation in a different manner. Joy…I love your humour and no nonsense attitude. I especially love when you step up and put your foot down, like you did in this segment. When you so very clearly positioned yourself not to cross the lines between church and state, I cheered.

Barbara…I would not want your job for all the money in the world. To be a moderator on a panel of such strong-willed women is not my idea of a good time, but you do one hell of a good job as the peace maker. For this I applaud you.

As a final thought in this bumbling letter, I leave you with a quote from the Bible…”Judge not, Lest ye be judged.”

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