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November 12, 2008
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There are days when I get a bug up my nose about things and just have to say a few quick words.

I did get bullied into this blog…and as life throws curves my way, I do try to keep at it. I get annoyed, however, when folks submit a comment that is an ad or just random keystrokes.

These folks find my odd wee space of the internet by Googling certain words, most notably, the word “bitch”. I’ve had comments that have included underage topless girl URLs, foreign language URLs and the aforementioned random, nonsensical keyboard junk. This leads me to my next tiny diatribe…

If you’d like to post a legitimate comment, please do so. This would include people who do not agree with what I write or how I write, as long as it has reasonably clean language and a point…comment away. I will not mark a disagreement as Spam. Feel free to recommend a link of interest or relevance, if it’s not a porn link or a scam, I’ll likely put it up. If you don’t want to comment, then don’t. I do not do this for anyone else but myself, and use it as a way to empty my brain for a short time.

So…long and short of the matter is this…comment if you like, or don’t…but please don’t waste my time with Spam-like comments. I get enough of it in my email.