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February 07, 2009
Filed Under (HUH?, You are really pissing me off) by svana

I read a column in the Globe and Mail recently that left my jaw on the floor, and me speechless…which doesn’t happen often. When the inability to articulate hits me it’s usually followed by a very loud tirade filled with expletives. Funnily enough, it was the comments posted by the other readers that made me the most furious. Since everyone has an asshole and an opinion, I’ll toss my ass into the ring right along with my opinion.

The column was about a man who decided not to have a vasectomy, he chickened out. Normally this wouldn’t be a big issue, but he and his wife conceived after he was supposed to have had his vasectomy and have three kids already…hence the need for a vasectomy. After lying to his wife, knocking her up, looking at a termination of the pregnancy, living on a shoestring…he’s trying to figure out how to smooth things over.

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