February 26, 2009

I just don’t understand why people think actors are required to be anything more than what they are…people.

I popped on to cnn.com today to poke about and saw an entertainment headline that demanded that one extra click of my mouse. “Brangelina get slammed for being smug!” I watched the video clip of a writer for the New York Post, Danica Lo, spouting off about the awards ceremonies and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Danica…with the biggest baseball bat wielded from me here at the wee Ruthless Compassion…pull your head out of your ass…It may help clear your vision.

Smug, she says.

I sat back and became more annoyed by the second, by the pot calling the kettle black. Smug. Take a look at yourself long and hard, girlie. I watched you filled with vitriol and righteous indignation aimed at two people who have grown up. Yes, grown up. I’ll say it a third time…just in case you missed it, they grew up, they matured. Funny thing, having kids will do that to you. Your priorities become vastly different, you consider what effects your actions will have on your child or in this case, children.

In your article (which I say laughingly), you say that these actors are no longer fun. You cite the movie Hackers as one of the fun movies. Yes, I enjoyed Hackers…but I’ll draw your attention to the fact that Angelina was about 20 when that movie was released, she is now 14 years older. Her focus has changed. Brad did Thelma and Louise at 28, he is now 18 years older…and you want him to be running around with the most recent flavour of the week…because it makes them fun?

You, Danica, would be the first person in line to slam a celebrity mother if she ran around with her kids with a vial of blood around her neck or a celebrity father bumping uglies with a new starlet every week. How can anyone live up to your expectations? Really…who are you and why should anyone care what you think? I’m writing this post so your sanctimonious face will not show up when I close my eyes tonight.

You did, however, give me a good giggle. I’ll thank you for that later after I explain why I laughed. Who gives a rat’s ass about Ryan Seacrest? He gets snubbed because he asks inane questions…good lord, he interviews some of the most vapid wastes of space human nature has ever produced. Paris Hilton, anyone? If you want to kiss his perky behind, by all means, do so…but please find a more honest reason to pucker up. I laughed because of your sycophantic adoration of Ryan Seacrest…it futher illustrates that you are a pop culture groupie.

As for Tim Gunn…yes, people do love him. However, when heaped with overtly complimentary, and dare I say, fawning praise…any person is stuck in a no-win situation. Accept the compliments and be marked as conceited, try to pass them by without looking conceited and you are being smug. To go with my astonished face, God just passed by my house on a pogo stick.

These are people, not part of a three or six ring circus. Their requirement to entertain us ends when the damn movie stops. They have lives outside of a filming schedule. I am not a fan of these people. I enjoy some of their movies, and find that with their maturity…I’m enjoying more of their offerings. I am pleased to see all the good these two do outside of their respective acting careers. We need more people that will dedicate some time to making the world a better place. Sure, one can argue that without their celebrity power they would not be able to draw the same focus to these causes. I’d like to think that when a fire is lit inside us no matter how famous or unknown, we will give of ourselves and help those around us.

If they aren’t fun for you anymore because they have interests outside of making your bleak little heart lurch with glee when they do something that makes you gasp in shock and horror, you…my dear girl…need to grow up. Better still, get a hobby that doesn’t involve slamming people for keeping their lives private.

I’d suggest a few writing courses…sweetie…you need ‘em.

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