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May 08, 2009
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I enjoy taking a poke at people who shove their heads up their butts and walk on their elbows, and today’s lucky recipient is none other than Pat Robertson. You may know of this crazy kid; he’s a southern baptist, real name is Marion, a televangelist and prophet.

On my usual morning walk around the internet, I came across a clip of Pat sharing his views on same sex marriage. You would think that if this guy founded a University, he might take a moment to put the brakes on his mouth and really think about what he’s saying.

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May 04, 2009
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When I first met the wonderful man who was to become my husband, he would regale me with tales of a Baked Goods Goddess he worked with. This gal could do no wrong. I often wondered if her feet touched the ground owing to the heaps of generous and (I would say) loving praise my future spouse laid at her lotus feet. In those early months it was terribly hard not to be jealous of this woman who had my man so clearly wrapped around her flour-dusted pinkie.

Aw, hell…I was jealous.

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May 03, 2009
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Last I heard, it was considered impolite to eavesdrop. Largely because you will hear things that are not intended for your ears or things that do not involve you. Simply put….don’t be a nosey bugger! This particular issue arises because a co-worker of mine stood outside my office door and listened to a telephone conversation. In and of itself, not a bad thing, as I was not gossipping about my fellow office mates but rather it involved a personal topic of spirituality. I work across the hall from some rather devout Baptists…and when their erstwhile leader hears me discussing topics of unconventional spirituality…it becomes a top priority to “save my immortal soul”.


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May 03, 2009
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When I was a child, the best part of school for me was book orders. As a parent I can still indulge in this joy.

Being one of a generation of kids that grew up without cable, book orders were a lifeline in my world. Scholastic Canada has not changed much in the last 30 years. I shudder as I think about how much time has gone by, yet I find myself looking forward to the reminder of my age with each approaching book order. The same 4 or 6 pages of newsprint, filled with books to engage, educate and ponder. I think I spend more time looking at the Scholastic offerings than my daughter does.

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