May 04, 2009
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When I first met the wonderful man who was to become my husband, he would regale me with tales of a Baked Goods Goddess he worked with. This gal could do no wrong. I often wondered if her feet touched the ground owing to the heaps of generous and (I would say) loving praise my future spouse laid at her lotus feet. In those early months it was terribly hard not to be jealous of this woman who had my man so clearly wrapped around her flour-dusted pinkie.

Aw, hell…I was jealous.

When a relationship is just starting, the foundation is fragile and requires a bit of care in the building. Some social niceties are lost on my beloved one. He’s a geek and doesn’t process his responses like a normal person. So one night after supper I had inquired about his thoughts on the meal I had prepared. “It was ok” came the response. I thought “Alright, what didn’t he like?” but before I could ask, he went on to rave and foam at the mouth about another glorious confection EB brought into the office…made with her own two hands.

I like baking and I’m good at it, but I would not consider myself a pastry chef…and, to be honest, I don’t enjoy baking that much.

Regardless, the perceived rejection of supper in favour of a cake that a co-worker brought into the office made me grind my teeth. The blow-by-blow of this cake took my breath away. I was feeling really annoyed now…the chilly responses my dear then-boyfriend got when we crawled into bed clearly left him wondering. He brought me my morning coffee while I was in the shower and started peppering me with questions about my odd behaviour the night before.


When I explained how I was feeling about the Baking Goddess, EB, he started to laugh. When will men learn…don’t laugh when your significant other is upset, angry or feeling jealous. Just an all over bad idea. He proceeded to explain to me that EB was a very happily married lady, who had a wonderful heart, beautiful child and took pity on a lowly geek. Well…I have to be honest…it didn’t make me feel any better. I can’t explain why I felt that way, except to say that I was much less secure than I am now.

One weekend, we needed to go into my beloved’s office for him to take care of a few things. He saw EB’s car in the parking lot and said, “EB is here! You get to meet her and see why it’s so easy to adore her.” He was dancing from foot to foot with excitement.

Adore…WOW. I’ll admit I was feeling mighty small and insignificant at that point.

As we came into the building, I saw the back of a lady poring over a computer screen, my beloved called out, “EB, I’ve got someone for you to meet!” Like a kid in a candy shop. EB turned around, with a beaming smile and greeted me with a hug, that… to this day, still ranks in my “Top Five Best-est Hugs Ever” list. Yup, miserable me got hugged into submission. I loved every second of it.

Suffice it to say, EB remains one of the people that I cherish deeply in my life. She has the soul of an angel, she can bake like the devil tempting you down the garden path and hugs that could heal the world of all the ills that exist.

EB, I love you lady and am blessed to know you!

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  1. eb :) Says:

    ARGH!!! Found your note in my hotmail.
    The one day that I don’t check up on you FIRST!!! and there I am — with my own dedication!!! I laffed I cried
    Then laffed & cried at the same time (then coughed for about 10 minutes)

    Small? Insignificant? YOU???!!! Ha! That will be the day! When I need strength I just think about you – you are my mental rock & pillar of stability.

    You are WOMAN – and the best thing (except for your crazy kid!) that has ever happened to my dear dear friend.

    I think about you every day and send a hug – cause some days I know you need one to come flying out of nowhere…

    I am honored to call you and your wonderful family FRIEND and I too feel blessed to have tripped over your adorable husband and made a friend.

    I did not know that he felt like that over my cooking though. He’s a funny guy!

    Can’t wait to show this to mah hubbin.

    Much love & hugs ALWAYS to everyone.

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