May 08, 2009
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I enjoy taking a poke at people who shove their heads up their butts and walk on their elbows, and today’s lucky recipient is none other than Pat Robertson. You may know of this crazy kid; he’s a southern baptist, real name is Marion, a televangelist and prophet.

On my usual morning walk around the internet, I came across a clip of Pat sharing his views on same sex marriage. You would think that if this guy founded a University, he might take a moment to put the brakes on his mouth and really think about what he’s saying.

Pat believes that same sex marriage will lead to an all out collapse in society. Suddenly, people will be rampant polygamists, child molesters, and bestiality and paedophilia will become the societal norm. OK…wait a minute…last I checked, the church held the world title for molesting the most children.

Yes… the church. A place people send their children that is supposed to be safe. Where virtue and purity is valued above all things. The trusted Ministers and Priests, the same people that we take our spiritual guidance from. Yes, the church. So, from that standpoint, using Pat’s logic as presented in this clip…the Church is responsible for the degradation in society. The Church has been around far longer than the concept of same sex marriage and the church seems to house far more child molesters than a jail. Yeah, child molesters don’t last long in jail, most inmates have a code that prevents a child molester the luxury of breathing. Funny that.

Now, as a fair minded individual, unlike Pat and his broad strokes of fear and hate, I can evaluate many institutions of the same…ahem…cloth, and not condemn all because of the actions of a handful of people that are sick.

On to how you love your pets and farm animals. What makes me laugh is the first mention of bestiality I was personally aware of was in the bible. You see… a normal, mentally healthy individual would never consider intimate relations with an animal, they’d just masturbate…but the bible says that’s bad too. So, to me, that would suggest that bestiality is far more prevalent to the “God fearing” than the the folks that just…ahem…take matters into their own hands. There are observations made that compare the written word of the bible to a self absorbed, jealous, controlling parent. There are some great rules for living in my humble opinion, but aside from the Ten Commandments, I see the bible as a great story book, not a factual book. Personally, the idea of sexual activity with an animal is repugnant to me, but I fail to see how a consensual covenant between two adults can lead to bestiality.

Paedophilia…88% of all child molesters fall into this category. Sick, sad, and in no way related same sex marriages. Especially if you consider that most paedophiles are attracted to children of the opposite sex, not same sex!! Like child molestation, this is not consensual and should not be compared with the actions of two adults.

Saving the best for last, Polygamy. I really don’t have any hardwired opinions one way or the other. Frankly, if people want to marry more than one person at a time and are willing and able to support their lifestyle and offspring of this type of union…where is the problem? By support I mean emotional, physical and financial. Frankly, it’s always been my position that if you are going to marry, do it for the right reasons because a person is not disposable. Certainly we all grow and change, but if you view marriage as a disposable diaper, the minute it stinks, you run away…it’s entirely likely that marriage is not for you. Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and others had multiple wives, and these are fine upstanding men…in the biblical sense.

The bottom line in this rambling entry is: we are human. Equal rights should exist for all of us without a battle. Equal rights should not be based on sexual orientation, religious views/beliefs, colour of skin or gender…which is what equal means…doesn’t it?

As for Pat, I have to say…any man who would take his name from getting his rear end patted rather than showing pride in the name his parents gave him because he felt that it was too effeminate…you have issues.

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