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January 08, 2012
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I just know I’ve got to say something profound for the New Year…hmmmmm…..nope, fuck it. But hey, I’m baaaaaack!

March 10, 2011
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Wow, funny how fast time passes!

The last twelve months has been a blur of changes. If I were being totally truthful, time is somewhat of a mystery to me. I find it remarkable how some moments in my life feel like yesterday yet they are years old and some which happened last week feel like years have passed by.

Like my laptop…I’ve had this laptop for, oh, 11 months. There are days where it behaves like a troubled child on crack, which makes me feel I’ve had it for 11 years. Other days, it behaves as if it likes me, and it feels like yesterday that I brought it home from the store. On the crack days, I’d like to pitch it out the window. On the good days, I’d like to haul it upstairs to bed with me just to prolong the joy of working on it. There are days when I long for my Tecra (sorry HP).

Laptop aside, the last twelve to fourteen months have brought an outstanding amount of change to my life and the people, both furry and human alike, that share my space. These changes are much like my new laptop: a learning curve, a blessing and a curse…all bundled up in a package of life. Some of these changes will be spoken about here in my wee pocket of the internet, alongside my rantings and ravings, and some will quietly fade into the shadows where they belong.